Short online continuing professional development courses

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TiEGr offers a wide range of Laser short online continuing professional development (CPD) courses. Written by sector experts these flexible courses are designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer, mobile, or tablet. With topics such as childcare, business, teaching and care these CPD courses can be purchased in bundles by employers to up skill the workforce or by individuals to support continuing professional development.

Each online course is between 6-10 hours long and comprises of the following elements.

  • Tutorial and often the Good Practice Example sections include bespoke videos. Full tutorial scripts can also be downloaded and read
  • Reading section includes some of the best, most relevant and current content on the web. It can often include a reading text written by Lasers industry expert
  • Presentation section there is a presentation exploring the subject in more depth
  • Activity section puts learning to the test with various tasks.
  • Further Learning section: if staff want to find out more about the subject and stretch themselves, then there is lots of further reading, good practice examples, and videos in the.
  • Multiple-choice Quiz: after working through the course, staff should be ready for the final section: the multiple-choice Quiz. If they don’t pass the quiz first time they can go back over the course material and try again
  • After successful completion of a short course, staff will receive an eCertificate as a record of achievement
  • Many of the childcare courses are CACHE endorsed and there is an option of buying a CACHE certificate after successfully completing one of these courses

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