• لقد تعاملت مع جاكي وساره عن قرب خلال ال٦ شهور الماضيه وتم دعوتهم الي مؤتمر الطفوله المبكره والذي عقد في القاهره ايام ٢٨ و٢٩ ابريل ولقد لمست من تعاملي معهم  كل المهنيه والالتزام والاحترام والمثابره علي النجاح. لقد كانت تعليقات المعلمين في المؤتمر علي العرض الذي قدموه في غايه الرضا والايجابيه. ولذاك انا علي يقين تام ان هناك الكثير الذي سوف يضيفه شركه  TiEGr الي منظومه الطفوله المبكره في مصر.

      I have been working with TiEGr over the past 6 months and invited them to attend and speak at an international conference in Cairo " Early Years - Hopes and Challenges". The feedback of their presence and contribution has been very positive and their services and professionalism have been highly valued and appreciated. I am sure that our partnership will support the development of vocational qualifications, the training and professionalism of the Early Years sector in Egypt.

    Dr Hala Seliet
    Dr Hala Seliet Honoury Chairlady - Arabic British Academy for Training Human Resources Development (ABAHRD) - President - Egyptian British Education Association - EBEA UK
  • I have worked with TiEGr for the last 9 months and been very impressed with their professionalism and eye for detail, both qualities are essential when setting up training schemes and qualifications. Companies using their services worldwide will put themselves and their organisations in a very positive position to take advantage of the growing training market.

    Martin Senior
    Martin Senior International Trade Adviser, Department of International Trade UK
  • The team at TiEGr are experts in their field and excellent communicators with a genuine commitment to their customers.

    Susannah Poulton
    Susannah Poulton International Communication Advisor -Export Co-ordinator, Department for International Trade UK
  • We have worked with TiEGr on two international projects, so far their knowledge and efficiency has been second to none in each case their support has been of significant value in assisting us in our decision-making process for further investments. They are well travelled and extremely adept at operating in a number of international markets, possessing a significant number of high profile and relevant contacts in various Governments, associated Government bodies and educational establishments.

    Don Doobay
    Don Doobay Director - Human Capital Associates, Global Recruitment Specialists
  • I've worked with Sarah and Jackie in the education sector for 20 years and their dedication to providing incredibly high quality services has always impressed me. They will not rest until every detail of their work fully meets their client’s satisfaction. You simply will not find a better team.

    Susana Serer
    Susana Serer Founder, SM Marketing Results Ltd
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