Emerging from Covid-19

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It’s nearly a year since Directors Jackie and Sarah started working exclusively from their home offices north of London.

The business has changed during the various lockdowns, our tutors have not been teaching their learners face to face but have been delivering lessons online via Zoom or Google. All of our meetings with our tutors and clients have been online and in the meantime, we have had to ensure our learners were not disadvantaged by being taught at home in isolation.

We are glad to say that’s all of our learners in Pakistan, UK and Egypt have all managed to complete their work and achieve their qualifications, we are so proud of them.

As a company we started to deliver online short CPD courses for free and have covered many subjects, we have also delivered qualifications, longer CPD courses in both English and Arabic in subjects such as outdoor play, creative activities and personal, social and emotional development, this has been both fun and rewarding.

The TiEGr team are now planning for the new year, we are seeing learners returning to study to enhance their careers with our iCQ qualifications including early years and teaching qualifications; both of which we will be registering learners this month.

TiEGr new partners are planning delivery for September 2021 in Bahrain,  Nigeria and the Middle East, so things are looking up and we are pleased that we have found new ways to ensure our business thrives in the coming years.

We are still growing our group and continuing to work with new international partners. We would now welcome enquiries from training providers in all sectors who are looking to develop their portfolio by adding UK qualifications.

Please connect today to arrange a meeting online and find out more:

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